Natural Farming

Anything grown in the garden, that is hundred times valuable than it is purchased from the market.
- Srila Prabhupada August 3, 1976, New Mayapur (French farm)

We at Hare Krishna Village aim to grow completely natural and seasonal agricultural products.We have come a long way in achieving this result and have successfully produced many natural seeds of many veggies, fruits and spices. Using completely natural and innovative fertilizers as well means to protect our saplings, we are gradullay improving in our yield. At present we have almost achieved self-suffciency in meeting the vegetable needs our farm community. Also we are selling the veggies which we produce in large.

As the outside world has almost poisned the grown food using excessive use of fertilizers,pesticides and isecticides, we aim to grow poison and toxin free vegetables and other agro products. Initially we had many failures due to inexperience and due to some external factors, but as the years went away we met success and achived extraordinarily in some crops.

Some of the major crops, vegetables and fruits grown at our farms:

  • 1. Bottle Gourd
  • 2. Pumpkin
  • 3. Bitter Gourd
  • 4. Cucumber
  • 5. Cabbage
  • 6. Beans
  • 7. Ladyfinger
  • 8. Carrot
  • 9. Brinjal
  • 10. Redish
  • 11. Spinach and many more...

  • 1. Wheat
  • 2. Chickpeas (Gram Pulse)
  • 3. Barley
  • 4. Groundnut
  • 5. Musturd
  • 6. Corn
  • 7. Sesame
  • 8. Moong Dal
  • 9. Urad Dal

Our farms