Refund And Cancellation Policy

Hare Krishna Community currently takes donations for different charity and social causes through its online payment gateway facility. Additionally, "booking of our Guest House" payments are accepted by the Hare Krishna Community. Any payment that has been made incorrectly more than once or in any other way may be reported to the site officials, who will reimburse the payment if they are satisfied with the cause and/or explanation of the error by the payee.

The temple management and its trustees have the exclusive discretion to accept any donations and/or payments made through the website. The administration retains the exclusive authority to accept or reject any payment and/or donation without providing a justification.

Please note that donations once made cannot be charged back, except in cases of fraudulent use, once investigation is carried out by necessary governmental / Bank authorities and proofs substantiated. In case any donation receipt is issued against the same, that shall stand cancelled, and any income tax benefit so derived shall be null and void.

Please note that the donations cannot be refunded once they have been made, with the exception of situations of fraud use, after an investigation has been conducted by the required governmental or bank authorities and the evidence has been confirmed. If a donation receipt is issued in connection with it, it will be revoked, and any tax benefit obtained in that way will be invalid.